About the founder:

TLC is more than just a better way for agents and homebuyers to find a dream home that’s realistic for the buyer’s budget. It’s an idea born of real experience—that of TLC’s founder, Krishna Malyala. Having experienced financial hardship himself, he knows what it’s like to be in a tight situation— part of the inspiration for TLCengine came from lessons learned in his own experience buying a first home for his family. Krishna realized that his technical and financial background uniquely qualified him to solve this problem, and that he had the ability to help people with one of the biggest decisions in their lives.   

Why TLC?

Today, 85% of Americans have financial concerns, and many people don’t have budgeting skills, particularly when it comes to buying a home. Yet every single day, home buyers across the country happily dive into the process with the full support of their agents.

Unfortunately, for many of them, there will be a rude awakening down the line when they discover the actual cost of ownership is higher than they expected. For example, a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home in a nice area that’s only $225,000 can actually cost $1,400 per month including principal, interest, taxes, and HOA.

While there are websites and other resources to help people learn about budgeting, they typically don’t provide a complete picture of less obvious present and future expenses such as commuting costs, utilities, taxes, and others that can affect the cost of a particular home in the long run.

Enter TLC

By giving agents and future homeowners more visibility into the true cost of ownership of a house they’re focusing on, agents are now able to more accurately qualify the buyer for their loan. TLC offers home buyers a truly tailored, personalized experience that works with both their dreams and their budget. It’s a formula for happy home buyers, and happy agents.