We love what we do—facilitate responsible homeownership. Our skilled team is ready anytime you come knocking.

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Krishna Malyala


Krishna, TLC’s creator and inspiration, is many things—but first and foremost, he is an innovator with a knack for seeing how things can be better. Starting in Computer Engineering at Penn State, with a minor in Computer Science, Krishna then earned an MBA at Rutgers University in strategy and finance, and later served as White House Presidential Innovation Entrepreneur in residence, VP of Innovation at Citi, CTO of WISP Inc., and is the inventor of the AOL/NetZero Accelerator (sped-up dialup and wireless modems). More recently, Krishna turned his attention to the world of realty. There, he saw an opportunity to use technology to create a better home buying experience for homebuyers and real estate agents.

In his spare time, you’ll find Krishna devouring tech articles, playing goalie in hockey, and playing the hits on piano.


Taylor Michaels

Lead Developer

Taylor is the guy who makes all the cool stuff we do actually work. We like him, too—so we keep him at his computer, and as long as we feed him hourly, everything seems to work out fine. In his free time, Taylor is very active and enjoys BMX, judo, plays guitar and piano, and can be found in the stands cheering on the Yankees and Rangers.


Scott Buono


Scott’s one of those guys who knows how to do everything—BS, graphic design, marketing, software, architecture, and jack of all IT areas. If we could clone him we would, but just one of him gets so much done, maybe we don’t need to. Scott’s passions include hockey, hiking, biking, auto racing and spending time with his family and dogs.  


Jeannette Detwiler


Jeannette has a vision for every project she’s involved with. She knows what you want, maybe even before you know it. She loves helping businesses of all sizes, from local storefronts to startups, to Fortune 100 companies who need to streamline their messaging across multiple platforms. With a BFA in Communication Design from the University at Buffalo, her hallmark is meticulous craftsmanship and deceptively simple, pleasing (but fun, too) designs that hit you on a gut level. When she’s out the door we usually know where to find her: at a yoga studio, advancing her photography skills, working outside with her rescue pup Roo, trying out new recipes, intricately decorating cakes for family birthdays, or hand-sewing bespoke wedding dresses under her brand Wisp Bridal.


The Support Team


Sanjay Rathod

Team Leader & Full Stack Developer

Most people don’t know that second only to soccer, cricket is the world’s most popular sport. But Sanjay does, and he also knows something about taking wickets. At TLC, Sanjay sets his batsman skills aside and uses his M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application) to lead development teams and manage projects.


Bharatt Mistry

Team Leader & Full Stack Developer

Bharatt brings a range of skills to TLC—for example, the willingness (some would say craziness) to be responsible for making staggeringly complex technology perform seamlessly day in and day out to keep smiles on customers faces 24/7. His experience includes Product Architecture, System Designing, Cloud Computing, Requirements Analysis, Database Management, Enterprise Softwares in Real Estate, Medical, Telematics, and Information Technology Sectors/Domains. In his spare time, Bharatt enjoys painting, playing cricket, car racing, and playing multi-player racing games.


Vishal Desai

QA Tester

Vishal is that last line of technological defense every organization needs: the meticulous software tester: He’s wary. Intuitive. And for software bugs, ruthless. He can smell them. Punish them, even. He honed his skills with a Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A) and the Post Grad Diploma in Computer Application (P.G.D.C.A), and uses functional and non-functional testing, GUI testing, Unit testing, and Black-Box Testing. He plays a mean game of cricket, too. At least that’s what he says. Also enjoys traveling and ripping up the dance floor.


Mitesh Shah

UI Designer

Want a beautiful, intuitive online experience? Have a chat with Mitesh. Tell him what you want. Then step back and watch the wheels start to slowly turn inside his head, and his eyes brighten as the wheels spin faster and faster, churning out brilliant ideas in nanoseconds. Computer graphics and web design is the world he reigns over, and his toolbox includes UI/UX, CSS styling, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and React development. His work done, there’s always a great movie to see or a cricket match to win.



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