Mortgage represents only 50% of the cost of home ownership, so why do we base our our whole purchase decision on that?

Zillow takes a cue from TLCengine

What Customers are Saying

The bottom line is TLCengine increases the credibility of NorthstarMLS agents and brokers because it demonstrates to consumers that this trusted professional is a source of more and deeper information to help them buy or sell successfully. Moreover, TLCengine is a service that is above and beyond anything that can be found anywhere on the Internet and it can only be accessed through a real estate professional.

John Mosey
CEO of NorthstarMLS

TLCengine is valuable to Real Estate Agents. This will be part of my listing/buyers presentation.


By taking into account over 100 lifestyle cost variables, TLCengine’s patent pending technology helps you answer the most important question:
Can my buyer afford their dream home?

Why TLC?

Provide Extraordinary Value

Search by Affordability Instead of Mortgage-Based Search

Qualify Your Buyers

Grow Your Business by Focusing Your Efforts on the Most Likely Buyers

Be a Trusted Advisor

Educate Your Buyers and Help Them Make the Right Home Choice

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